5 reasons why large trucks are so dangerous

Sharing the roads with large trucks is a common, everyday occurrence for motorists. Because of this, those big-rig trucks are sometimes taken for granted. But that should never be the case.

Smaller vehicle drivers must stay alert when coming across large trucks. The main reason is that large trucks are potentially dangerous when involved in collisions. Severe, debilitating and fatal injuries often are the result.

Size, length and driver fatigue

Why are large trucks so dangerous? There are many reasons:

  • The colossal size and weight of the vehicle: Weighing several tons, the large trucks can cause significant damage. Smaller vehicles do not stand a chance in a collision.
  • The length of large trucks: Their length creates blind spots or “no-zones” for the truck driver in the front, back and sides of the large truck. Also, a truck’s length makes for trickier turns on the road, forcing truck drivers to make wide swings that may catch other motorists by surprise.
  • Fatigued and drowsy drivers: Truck drivers often work long hours without taking breaks. This is an ingredient for overly tired drivers who can cause horrific crashes.
  • Tight deadlines forced upon drivers: Truck driving companies often dictate nearly impossible deadlines, forcing drivers to be in a hurry, speed and potentially cause road hazards.
  • Truck driver mistakes: It may be easier for passenger car drivers to adjust after a driving mistake. Not so for truck drivers as their mistakes may prove fatal. Their actions may be attributed to inexperience along with impaired, distracted and reckless driving.

Many things play factors into why large trucks are dangerous. They are big and difficult to maneuver and must have properly trained drivers behind the wheel.

Remain alert and focus on safety

Remember that smaller vehicle drivers can control their road habits and behavior regarding safety. However, you cannot control the same for large truck drivers and the behemoth vehicles they drive. Please stay alert and then you and your passengers can stay safe.

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