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photo of Attorney Anthony S. Muharib

Anthony S. Muharib

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury


We at the Muharib Law Firm take our work personally, that's because the areas of law we focus on have a direct impact on individual's and family's everyday lives. We fight for the rights and proper compensation for people who have been injured or otherwise harmed.

Muharib and his team of professionals adhere to the highest standards of personal integrity and professional ethics. This allows Anthony Muharib to represent you aggressively, in a competent manner, and at the same time, provide care and compassion. His firm also has a wide network of some of the best qualified experts in various fields, vast resources for research and investigations, creative use of modern technology, unparalleled diligence, and around-the-clock work ethic. This makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Attorney Muharib says it best, "I love being in the courtroom and speaking for someone who cannot articulate their position." The reason is his preparedness and ability to cover all the bases so that court outcomes are in favor of his clients. The Muharib firm has litigated thousands of cases over the years. Because of this, Anthony Muharib's leadership and legal acumen makes him THE safe bet for all your litigation needs.