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4 causas comunes de los accidentes automovilísticos

Utilizamos nuestros automóviles todos los días por diferentes motivos. Esta frecuencia con la que conducimos hace probable que nos involucremos en un choque, por lo que hay que saber cuáles son las causas más comunes de estos accidentes. Al saber las causas, usted puede evitar hacer un error que le podría cambiar la vida por … Read More

Your options after an uninsured motorist car accident

A car accident, regardless of the circumstances, can drastically change your life. Your recovery from your injuries and financial losses, though, can look vastly different depending on the particularities of your case. For example, being injured in an accident caused by a negligent trucker may leave you with the opportunity to sue the trucker’s employer … Read More

5 reasons why large trucks are so dangerous

Sharing the roads with large trucks is a common, everyday occurrence for motorists. Because of this, those big-rig trucks are sometimes taken for granted. But that should never be the case. Smaller vehicle drivers must stay alert when coming across large trucks. The main reason is that large trucks are potentially dangerous when involved in … Read More

Employers must implement proper protocols for employee safety

In Houston and the surrounding areas, the term “personal injury” is often automatically associated with auto accidents. This is understandable given their frequency and the problematic aftermath of a crash. However, people can suffer injuries in other circumstances and that includes when they are at work. For people who have suffered an injury while at … Read More

6 common workplace accidents and their injuries

A workplace accident may strike any unsuspecting person. The result often leads to a serious or catastrophic injury, lengthy hospital stays as well as a lengthy recovery time. The medical bills pile up while you are unable to work, causing great worries for you and your family. In many work-related injury incidents, negligence is often … Read More

5 cosas que debe hacer después de un accidente de auto

En un accidente automovilístico, las aseguradoras son las encargadas de cubrir los gastos médicos y de reparación vehicular de los conductores. El seguro del conductor que pagará los gastos dependerá de quién tuvo la culpa. En ocasiones, es difícil saber quién fue el culpable en el choque, por lo que usted debe saber qué hacer … Read More

Avoiding dangers when driving near large trucks

Driving near other vehicles can be stressful. While most of the time, you can make your way through busy roadways without incident, other drivers can add to the unpredictability of driving. It can be even more nerve-wracking to drive near large commercial trucks. Although commercial truck drivers tend to have more training, small driving mistakes … Read More

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