Employers must implement proper protocols for employee safety

In Houston and the surrounding areas, the term “personal injury” is often automatically associated with auto accidents. This is understandable given their frequency and the problematic aftermath of a crash. However, people can suffer injuries in other circumstances and that includes when they are at work. For people who have suffered an injury while at work or off the job site and performing work-related duties, it is important to understand their options. There are fundamental requirements that employers must follow for worker safety. Beyond that, there should also be safety programs and measures with employers legitimately caring about employee well-being. This can avoid mishaps. Still, when there is an accident and injuries, workers should know their rights.

Employers and employees should be aware of basic safety rules

Federal and state regulatory authorities are tasked with educating employers and employees as to proper safety. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has a litany of materials that are important for employers and employees to understand so they can work in tandem to keep a safe workplace. Based on the specific job a person does, there are rules that should be followed. The federal government also gives guidance through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If employers are vigilant, it shows they are invested in worker safety and both sides are prepared.

In the private sector, employers must keep track of hazards and give workers as safe an environment as possible. OSHA emphasizes how crucial it is to comply with these standards as it can prevent avoidable accidents that cause injuries and death. These accidents are costly in myriad ways – financially, personally and emotionally. Workers who know their employer views them as more than a replaceable functionary creates a cohesive relationship and enhances the adherence to safety.

Most safety rules are relatively simple. For those who are driving vehicles, wearing a seat belt is key; using harnesses and other safety equipment when working on a construction project and stationed above ground is obvious; wearing specifically designed suits to protect from hazardous material when working with dangerous substances can prevent exposure; having correct ventilation for workers in enclosed locations when fumes are present is needed; and kill switches on machinery if something goes wrong can decrease the damage from accidents. Workers should also be told that they will not be subject to discipline if they report dangers. In some instances, a worker could express reluctance from doing so because they are fearful of losing hours or being terminated entirely.

Negligence can be the basis for a personal injury claim

It is unfortunate that some workplaces are not up to date on safety. There are employers who mistreat their employees and simply do not care about any chance of injury and death. If state or OSHA rules are violated, it could be a contributing aspect of a personal injury case to be compensated. Whether the injuries came about due to burns, a fall, an auto accident while on the job, getting caught in machinery or due to a mistake made by another employee, it is wise to have a grasp of the rules for safety. This is especially true for manual laborers. After injuries have happened or a loved one lost his or her life in an on the job accident, having assistance from those with extensive experience in these cases can be useful.

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