What to do After a Truck Accident

Involved in a Truck Accident in Houston?

The most important step after a truck accident is to call 9-1-1. You can then check other people for serious injuries if you are not too severely injured. You should never move an injured person unless their life is in immediate danger. If possible, remain calm and move your vehicle out of harm’s way.

When the police arrive, cooperate with them and answer all their questions. They will write a report of what they believe happened, and you may ask the officer for a copy when it is ready.

Accept medical care offered, as you may feel dazed, and the emergency response personnel may see that you are in shock and need care. Remember, some brain injuries and whiplash neck injuries may not elicit immediate symptoms.

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Securing Evidence After a Truck Accident

After a truck crash, if you are able, exchange personal information with all parties and any witnesses. You may also:

  • Photograph any injuries, vehicle damage, and the accident site. A disposable camera or cell phone camera will suffice. Take close-ups for detail and more panoramic shots to show the relative positions of vehicles. Include shots of the surrounding area with any relevant signage, debris, skid marks, weather conditions, etc.
  • Keep a diary of all related events, starting with the moment of the accident
  • Retain copies of all medical records and bills

What You Should Never Do After a Truck Accident

What you should avoid doing is equally important as what you should do after an 18-wheeler accident. Adhering to these tips will help safeguard your chances of obtaining full compensation.

  • Never apologize, accept blame, or make accusations of blame to another driver
  • Never refuse medical treatment at the accident site. Truck accident injuries may not become evident until hours or days after the accident. Failing to accept treatment at the scene may compromise your claim. An insurance company may claim your injury is unrelated to the accident if you don’t seek immediate medical care.
  • Never give a written or verbal statement to an insurance company before consulting with an attorney
  • Never disobey or argue with the police

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