Houston Truck Accidents FAQ

How many Truck Accidents are there in Texas each year?


Although the overall trend for traffic accidents went down last year, there were still 4,301 truck accidents in 2020 in Texas alone, or an average of almost 12 every day. Because of this high number, the frequency of injuries related to truck accidents is relatively high.

Are Truck Accidents more severe than auto accidents?

Because of the weight and size of tractor-trailers, truck accidents are often more destructive than those involving smaller automobiles. For example, a rollover truck accident is more catastrophic than when a compact car rolls over. The likelihood that an individual struck by a truck will be injured is much greater than in other small-vehicle collisions.

Is the driver of the truck automatically responsible for the accident?

Even if you sustain a truck accident injury, the truck driver may not automatically be at fault. Many trucks have warning stickers and notices regarding wide turns or large blind spots. If you disregard these notices and cause an accident, it is likely that you will be found at fault. However, other causes besides the truck driver or yourself may be at fault, including:

  • Other drivers
  • Poorly marked road hazards
  • Faulty equipment
  • State entities responsible for trucking regulations

What steps should I take after an accident with a truck?

As with any other type of accident, you should not refuse medical attention at the site of a truck accident. This may be substantial evidence if you are forced to bring a case to court to collect compensation. You should also follow state regulations regarding moving your vehicle out of traffic lanes and fully cooperate with law enforcement officials when they arrive. You can learn more by reading What to Do After a Truck Accident.

Does my auto insurance include a collision involving a truck?

Simply put, yes, your insurance should cover a collision involving a truck. However, you should be aware of the types of insurance you are covering and what they will provide if you are in an accident. You can find more information on our Questions About Car Accidents page.

How can I get help?

The best way to ensure that you are receiving appropriate compensation after a truck accident is by seeking legal counsel as soon as possible after the accident. An experienced truck accident attorney will ask you the necessary questions to determine whether you are receiving fair compensation.

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