Big Truck Accidents

Protect Your Rights After A Big Truck Accident

Big truck accidents involving 18-wheelers have a high likelihood of severe injury or death. As any Houstonian knows, seeing a big wheeler coming up fast on you in your rearview mirror and traffic stopped ahead is cause for concern … and not uncommon. Each year, tens of thousands of traffic accidents involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV) occurred on Texas roads. Harris County has the highest rates of CMV accidents in the state, due to our crowded interstates, expanding economy, and large industrial population. If you’ve been injured in a big truck accident, give us a call at Law Offices of Anthony S. Muharib today. In big truck crash investigations, it is imperative to contact a personal injury lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

I’ve Been In A Truck Accident. What Should I Do?

First, see to your injuries. Then, document, document, document. Insurance companies who cover big rig trucks have a high risk coverage situation and are motivated to pay the least amount of compensation possible. Often, they shift the blame from the truck driver to the other driver. Your best defense is an experience big truck accident lawyer combined with documented evidence of the accident. Photos and videos of the scene, from your injuries, to the position of the truck, to skid marks on the road, are all valuable pieces of evidence that can help your case.

How Soon Should I Contact A Lawyer?

As soon as you have received medical treatment and are able to contact an attorney. The legal team you are going against to get compensation for your injuries, personal damages and lost wages is experienced, capable, and motivated to protect the insurance company’s interests. You need your own expert legal team to protect you and your interests. Our founder, Anthony Muharib, is an experienced big truck accident lawyer. Contact Anthony today and get the help you need.

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”

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What Can A Lawyer Do For Me?

Injuries from big truck accidents tend to be severe and can necessitate long-term medical care. If you are recovering from a severe or life-changing injury, it is often difficult to provide for your family. The physical, emotional, mental, and financial future for you and your family is at stake. Anthony Muharib has vast expertise in handling big truck accidents in Houston, Texas, and will fight for justice on your and your loved one’s behalf.

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