Construction Accident

Construction Accident Survivors Deserve Compensation

One of the most dangerous work environments is a construction site. The amount of hazards are too numerous to count and oftentimes, construction workers are treated as replaceable, which only adds to the possible number of accidents on a construction site. Workers’ compensation only takes care of specific injuries and medical bills and does not, by far, take care of all costs incurred as a result of a construction accident. From traumatic brain injuries to electrocution and electrical injuries, construction accidents tend to be severe and life-changing, with a high risk of serious disability or fatality. If you’ve been injured on a construction site, give Law Offices of Anthony S. Muharib a call today. Act quickly to avoid losing crucial evidence that could help your claim.

After A Construction Accident, What Steps Should I Take?

Never accept a settlement offer from the negligent company responsible for your accident without first talking to a construction accident attorney. Only an attorney, researched, selected and hired by you will have your best interests at heart. Only an attorney experienced in construction accidents in Houston can give you the imperative legal guidance you need to protect yourself and your financial future. Between the time of the construction accident and hiring a personal injury lawyer, retain copies of all medical documents, receipts, eyewitness accounts, and photos and/or videos of the accident, your injury, and the equipment involved.

Should I Contact A Lawyer? If So, When?

Yes. As soon as you have received medical treatment and are able to contact an attorney. All too often, the company that is responsible for your construction accident has a legal team on retainer, and they have already advised the company of how to proceed in protecting themselves. You need your own expert legal team to protect you and your interests. Anthony Muharib is an experienced construction accident lawyer. Contact Anthony today and get the help you need.

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What Can A Lawyer Do To Help My Claim?

Injuries from construction accidents tend to be severe and require months, if not years, of medical care. During that time, it is often difficult to work and provide for your family, and your family suffers in more ways than just tending to a physical injury. You should contact a lawyer if you lost income, have serious injuries or lost a spouse or relative to a construction accident. The costs of these tragedies can have a devastating impact on your finances. You can turn to Law Offices of Anthony S. Muharib for the experience you need.

Get The Compensation You Deserve For A Construction Injury

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