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The law is incredibly complicated when it comes to injuries and accidents. Trying to make sense of it all is difficult, especially when you are also coping with medical bills, rehabilitation and family life. You might feel overwhelmed with questions about the legal system.

We can help you. At Law Offices of Anthony S. Muharib, we have in-depth knowledge from more than two decades of experience as a personal injury attorney in Texas. To get you started, we have answered some of the questions that our clients commonly ask me.

When should I call an attorney after a car accident?

You should call a lawyer as soon as possible. Do not speak with the insurance company without an attorney to represent you.

Should I call an attorney after a minor accident? What if I was barely injured?

Yes. Even if you do not see visible injuries, you should get a medical assessment and contact a lawyer. Some very serious injuries take days or weeks to appear. You should also contact an attorney if your vehicle has any property damage. Even if you think you will not have any medical bills or automotive repair needs, do not accept the insurance company’s first offer.

What can an attorney do after an electrical injury?

With an attorney, you have someone to advocate for your long-term future. Although your insurance company might give you enough compensation to pay your current medical bills, electrical accidents usually cause long-term damage. You may need additional payment down the line. A lawyer will help you understand how much your insurer owes you and will help you get it.

Why should I work with an attorney instead of just working with the insurance company myself?

Your insurance company is a business. It does not have your best interests in mind. Its goal is to make as much money as possible. An attorney levels the playing field, protects your best interests and works to recover the compensation you need.

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