Do Not Hesitate To Get Help After An Electrocution

Electrocution and electrical injuries are one of the most life-threatening accidents at a construction site. Any time an electrical charge enters the body, long-lasting damage to tissue, organs, the heart, and the brain can occur. If an electrical injury occurs at the workplace, a workers’ compensation case can be filed. If the injury occurs outside of the workplace, a company or venue can be held responsible for negligence. If electrocution occurs, more often than not, a wrongful death case can be filed.

Do you believe that an electrical injury caused the death of someone you love? Reach out to me at Law Offices of Anthony S. Muharib. Remember, there is a three-month statute of limitations on filing a wrongful death case in Texas. The longer you wait to contact a lawyer, the greater the likelihood that crucial evidence may be destroyed.

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What Are The Steps After An Electrical Accident?

Contact a personal injury attorney. Eyewitness accounts, medical reports, evidence of lost income or inability to work should also be gathered. A personal injury lawyer will help you understand what pieces of evidence are valuable to your case.

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Should I Contact A Lawyer? If So, When?

When Should I Reach Out To A Lawyer For Help?

Time is of the essence. The equipment involved in the accident must be preserved to be inspected by an expert. Additionally, eyewitnesses are an important part of an electrical injury or electrocution case. Anthony Muharib is a personal injury lawyer with experience handling electrocution and electrical injury cases. Contact a personal injury lawyer today and get the help you need.

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Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

An experienced personal injury lawyer can advocate for your best interests if you have serious injuries, lost income or lost your loved one because of an electrical accident. The burden of hospital bills, doctor’s office bills, prescription medications and lost wages can become too heavy to bear. Reach out to Law Offices of Anthony S. Muharib for aid from a knowledgeable injury attorney who can help you find justice.

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